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SEPTEMBER 03 & 04 | 2019
From 9am to 6pm

45 Years of The Inner Game

In 1971, while on sabbatical from a career in higher education, Tim Gallwey took a job as tennis professional in Seaside, California. While teaching on the court one day, he realized that many of his instructions were being incorporated in the student’s mind as a kind of “command and control” self-dialogue that was significantly interfering with both learning and performance.

In 1974, initial experiments and their surprising results were published as The Inner Game of Tennis. The book surpassed expectations of both author and publisher by selling over one hundred times more copies than predicted and soon became a New York Times Bestseller.

The Inner Game takes place in the mind, and is played against rivals very difficult to be defeated, such as nervousness, lack of confidence and fear of failure. Even great leaders, athletes and normal people fight against their inner enemies to achieve success and high performance.

How can we maintain concentration in situations of extreme pressure? How can we fight with our inner voice that insists on stating “you are not prepared and you are not doing a good job today”. The concept of the Inner Game offers concrete ways for you, regardless of your area of focus, to be able to concentrate on preventing insecurities from interfering with your main goals and high performance.

Why to Be Part of Our Global Team

Who Should Attend

All those who wish to deepen the concepts of The Inner Game, to dive deeper into the methodology and effectively practice each one of its tools. This special group is formed by people who want to become an Inner Game Facilitator in its Module called The Inner Game Essentials.  Coaches, Consultants, HR Development people, Mentors, Teachers, Educators, Trainers, etc.



  • History and birth of The Inner Game
  • Inner Game x inner game
  • Introduction to inner conversations:  Self 1 and Self 2
  • The PLE (Performance + Learning + Enjoyment) Approach
  • The Inner Game Performance Formula:  P = p-i
  • How to deal with interferences in a practical way
  • Distorted perceptions and self – interference cycle
  • The ACT (Awareness + Choices + Trust) Approach
  • Natural learning and relaxed focus
  • Critical and important variables and how to use this concept to achieve better results
  • The Formule of High Performance
  • Mobility
  • Introduction of The Inner Game Essentials Workshop
  • Main concepts and mission of this program
  • How to delivery each part of the program
  • Use of The Inner Game brand and integrity
  • How to marketing the program
  • Business Model
  • Role-play


  • Review of Essentials Workshop Content
  • Q&A – Questions and Answers of Module 1
  • Marketing Tools and Global Approach of TIG School
  • Use of The Brand and Integrity
  • Business Model and other possibilities

Participation in all activities and session is MANDATORY. The second part by distance can be recorded and accessed in an appropriate time BUT is required.


Timothy (Tim) Gallwey is the pioneer in the psychology movement applied to sports and the corporate world, recognized as the founder of the Coaching concept. During his career he advised great sports personalities and leading companies such as AT&T, IBM, Apple, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Arco, GE, Harley-Davison among others. A graduate of Harvard where he graduated in Literature and was captain of the Tennis Team, from the 70’s he dedicated himself to disseminate his training method, which he called The Inner Game. His first book focused on demonstrating the application of his method to achieve the high performance of tennis players, “The Inner Game of Tennis” sold more than 2 million copies in the US alone.

From there, Tim Gallwey took his concept to other areas of the sport such as Golf and Skiing, and later began applying the Inner Game strategy to companies and mega corporations.

Renato Ricci is the director and co-founder of TIGS The Inner Game School working with Tim Gallwey since 2010. He was the first trainer approved to deliver The Inner Game programs. He has over 30 years of experience in leadership, coaching, mentoring and training working for large corporations. Ricci is the author of several books including Dare to Be Different and the more recent Strategic Mentoring. He used to help leaders and C-level’s in career development and team building programs. During those years he worked for different companies like Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Bank, Vivo (Telefonica Group), GPA (Cassino Group), Eaton, SKF Group, among others. He has trained more than 100 facilitators of The Inner Game Essentials worldwide.

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The Inner Game Essentials Pro Train The Trainer Program – 2 days live + Distance Learning

Regular: US$ 680,00
Participants of other The Inner Game Events: US$ 580,00

The fee includes material and coffee-breaks.


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