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Come to Learn How The Inner Game Concepts and Tools Helped Millions of People Worldwide

Train The Trainer – Be Part of Our Global Team

The Inner Game School is inviting you to attend this intensive 3-Day live training to be prepared to deliver one of our most popular program called The Inner Game Essentials Pro Workshop. If you are interested in bringing this magical program to your region, city, country or a specific market niche, this is your chance.
The Train The Trainer program has two steps, on the first one you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the The Inner Game concepts and tools and also to learn how to deliver it in a one day introduction program.

What is The Inner Game?

In 1971, while on sabbatical from a career in higher education, Tim Gallwey took a job as tennis professional in Seaside, California. While teaching on the court one day, he realized that many of his instructions were being incorporated in the student’s mind as a kind of “command and control” self-dialogue that was significantly interfering with both learning and performance.

In 1974, initial experiments and their surprising results were published as The Inner Game of Tennis. The book surpassed expectations of both author and publisher by selling over one hundred times more copies than predicted and soon became a New York Times Bestseller.

How can we maintain concentration in situations of extreme pressure? How can we fight with our inner voice that insists on stating “you are not prepared and you are not doing a good job today”. The concept of the Inner Game offers concrete ways for you, regardless of your area of focus, to be able to concentrate on preventing insecurities from interfering with your main goals and high performance.

The Inner Game takes place in the mind, and is played against rivals very difficult to be defeated, such as nervousness, lack of confidence and fear of failure. Even great leaders, athletes and normal people fight against their inner enemies to achieve success and high performance.

Why to Be Part of Our Global Team

Requirements to Attend the Workshop

Have recognized ability and competence in group management; Complete the "Request for Engagement" form and accept the applicable conditions;
After internal evaluation, have your "Request for Engagement" accepted unrestrictedly by TIGS.
IMPORTANT: TIGS reserves the right to refuse requests from participants that are not in line with the philosophy or concepts of the Inner Game methodology or that do not meet the required partnership requirements.



  • The High Performance Formule
  • Mobility
  • How the Inner Game Tools
  • Introducing the Inner Essentials One Day Workshop
  • Main concepts and functions of this program
  • How to do each part of the program
  • Inner brand and game use
  • How to market the program
  • Business model
  • Staging
  • History of the Inner Game
  • Inner game x inner game
  • Introduction to Inner Chats: Self 1 and Self 2
  • A PLE (Performance + Learning + Enjoyment)
  • An inner game performance formula: P = p-i
  • How it works with interference in a practical way
  • Distorted perceptions and self-interference cycle
  • An ACT (Awareness + Choices + Trust)
  • Natural learning and relaxed focus
  • Critical and important variables and how to use this concept results

Day 1 – The Essence of the Inner Game

This initial day is intended to show each participant the model of Workshop Essentials – The Essence of Inner Game. Each participant will be involved in the process as if they were a participant in the program. This step is crucial so that every future Trainer can feel the impact of the program from a participant’s point of view. After the workshop closes, we will show each participant what to expect, and what is not expected of a Trainer Inner Game. Simulations, case studies and lots of practice will strengthen the concepts and applications of the Inner Game. It is time to resolve doubts and have contact with a new form of development.

Day 2 – The Role of the Trainer

On this 100% practical day, each participant will get in touch with the program details, exercises, alternatives and ways to transfer the Inner Game to its future participants. It’s time to review each of the Essentials workshop steps, understand the purpose of each activity, and practice. It will be a moment to start immersing ourselves in the driving of each participant.



  • Module One – Review of Essentials Workshop Content
  • Module Two – Q&A – Questions and Answers of Module 1
  • Module Three – Marketing Tools and Global Approach of TIG School
  • Module Four – Use of The Brand and Integrity
  • Module Five – Business Model and other possibilities

Participation in all activities and session is MANDATORY. The second part by distance can be recorded and accessed in an appropriate time BUT is required.


    Our Global Team has much Facilitators of The Inner Game Essentials Module, and are trained and have wide experience in the application of Inner Game in their most varied areas of knowledge.