Timothy (Tim) Gallwey is the pioneer in the psychology movement applied to sports and the corporate world, recognized as the founder of the Coaching concept.

During his career he advised great sports personalities and leading companies such as AT&T, IBM, Apple, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Arco, GE, Harley-Davison among others. A graduate of Harvard where he graduated in Literature and was captain of the Tennis Team, from the 70’s he dedicated himself to disseminate his training method, which he called The Inner Game. His first book focused on demonstrating the application of his method to achieve the high performance of tennis players, “The Inner Game of Tennis” sold more than 2 million copies in the US alone.

From there, Tim Gallwey took his concept to other areas of the sport such as Golf and Skiing, and later began applying the Inner Game strategy to companies and mega corporations. The basic concept of your method is focused on three main points:

1.Helping people learn to learn and think for themselves;
2.Assist managers and executives in developing collaborators and teams;
3.Help leaders learn how to create organizations focused on knowledge management and learning.