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JUNE 12TH AND 13TH | 2019
FROM 09:30 AM TO 05:30 PM

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Granada | Spain
Hotel Urban Dream Granada
España, Camino de Ronda, 107, 18003

Discover why Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM, AT&T, Rolls-Royce among others applied The Inner Game® to develop their leaders, business and teams.

Special Testimonials

“The Inner Game is about recognizing that the inner obstacles are often more daunting than external ones.”

Sir John WhitmoreBest Seller Author of Coaching for Performance

” In these days, when many people talk of accelerating learning in organizations but few have actually done it, the words of a master like Tim Gallwey are timely indeed.”

Peter SengeBestseller author of The Fifth Discipline

The program

The Inner Game takes place in the mind, and is played against rivals very difficult to be defeated, such as nervousness, lack of confidence and fear of failure. Even great leaders, athletes and experienced profissionals fight against their inner enemies to achieve success and high performance.

How can we maintain concentration in situations of extreme pressure? How to fight with your inner voice that insists on stating “you are not prepared and you are not doing a good job today”. The concept of the Inner Game offers concrete ways for you, regardless of your area of focus, to be able to concentrate on preventing insecurities from interfering with your main goals and high performance.

One of the most important points in The Inner Game methodology is what Tim Gallwey, his creator, calls “relaxed concentration”. It is a fundamental skill to improve every aspect of our high performance.

In this 100% practical two days workshop participants will have contact with the main concepts and tools of The Inner Game®. Through dynamics and practical examples, each participant will create their own learning environment – one of the pillars of The Inner Game.

Who should attend this event?

Leaders of people or teams who intend to use innovative skills and strategies to improve their performance and to achieve better results.

Coaches, Consultants, HR development people, Mentors,  who wish to enhance their knowledge and use of The Inner Game® concepts and tools as a complement to their training expertise.

All those who wish to deepen the concepts of The Inner Game®, knowing the methodology in depth and practicing effectively each one of its powerful tools;

Requirements to Attend the Workshop

There are no prerequisites to participate in this module. We recommend that attendees visit our website and keep a first contact with Tim Gallwey history.


Participants who attend the workshop and complete all proposed activities will receive a certificate of participation issued by The Inner Game® School.

Beneficios do programa

The Inner Game is a proven method to be used overcome the self-imposed obstacles that prevent an individual or team from accessing their full potentials and reach an external goal.

Beneficios 1 e 2

Beneficio 3

Beneficios 4 e 5

The Inner Game For Leaders – Main Content

  • History and Trajectory of Inner Game (The Inner Game®)
  • Our Internal Conversations: Self 1 and Self 2
  • How to identify people and team’s Potentials and Obstacles  in a Competitive and Adverse Environment
  • The STOP® Tool as a means to improve the decision process and conflict management
  • The 6 Pillars to Achieve High Performance (ACT & PLE Models)
  • The High Performance Formula – P=p-i
  • Relaxed Concentration and Effective Focus
  • How To Create a Leadership Process to Improve People’s Engagement
  • Transpose, Redefine and Control Questions Tools
  • QUEST Model To Design Effective Learning Goals
  • The Inner Game in Business – 45 Years of Experience: Corporates Cases in Creating Learning from Experiences Environment
  • Practices and Exercises

Sport’s Leaders Also Use The Inner Game

Tom Brady

Brady highlights a notable passage from a classic bestseller, surprisingly, about tennis. Timothy Gallwey’s The Inner Game of Tennis was a phenomenon when it was published in 1972, mainly for its revolutionary take on overcoming the self-doubt, nervousness, and lapses of concentration that can keep a player from winning. As Gallwey wrote, Every game is composed of two parts, an outer game and an inner game. The former is played against opponents; the latter is played within the mind of the player, and its principal obstacles are self-doubt and anxiety.

Pete Carroll

The source that Carroll cites most often in crediting the inspiration of his coaching habits is Timothy Gallwey’s The Inner Game of Tennis, which is only about tennis in some ways. Although tennis is Gallwey’s chosen craft, it’s easy to see how Carroll found it applicable to football–or indeed, how it can be applicable to anybody’s own ventures in life. There are a few tennis-specific chapters that Carrol invites skimming for the non-player, The Inner Game of Tennis teaches “the art of relaxed concentration.”

Steve Kerr

The book’s basic concept is simple: Our brains often screw up what our bodies are perfectly capable of doing on their own “If you ever watch a tennis player, a lot of them will talk to themselves, explains Kerr. “[Gallwey] was a tennis teacher and he was watching his student one day and thought to himself, ‘Who is he talking to?’ It’s kind of weird if you actually stop and think about it. You’re talking to yourself, right? So does that mean there are two yous?


Renato Ricci is the director and co-founder of TIGS – The Inner Game School by Tim Gallwey. He has background in Engineering and Management Consultancy. His experience comes from more than 30 years working with large companies as a leader, consultant, coach, and mentor of c-level executives and leaders. Ricci is the author of more than ten books such as “Coaching: A New Vision” and “Strategic Mentoring”. He published also with James Lamprecht, PHD different titles like “Dare To Be Different” published in USA and Europe. He is a TED talk enthusiastic organiser.  In last seven years he has worked together with Tim Gallwey in the expansion of his school in Europe and Latin America. He used to support companies like Mercedes-Benz, Vivo (Telefonica Group), GPA (Casino Group), Daimler Bank, ZF-Sachs, Eaton Group, among others.

Amanda Jane Grenville – For over nineteen years she worked in London as Set Dresser and Art Director for the British Film Industry and the BBC, before moving to Spain. In 2007 she began her career as coach for a high performance team. She is an ICF member and through language learning has developed her work as coach with Directors and Managers in companies such as; Baños Aire, Atafil, Northgate Arinso, The European Commission and The Andalucian School of Public Health. In 2015 she trained with Tim and was awarded the Inner Game ™ Practitioner diploma.


€ 300 + VAT (where applicable) 2 days only Leaders + 3 days
Train the Trainer
€ 750 + VAT (where applicable)

Includes participation, materials, breaks and certificates. Limited places.


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