“The Inner Game of Work helps us define the landscape of what has become known as a “learning organization.” In this book, any manager or employee who has the courage and commitment to really learn about learning will find concepts and practices that can turn the intention of a learning organization into a day-to-day, lived experience.”

Peter BlockBest-selling author of The Empowered Manager… Flawless Consulting… and Stewardship…

“Using a skillful combination of audience interaction, reflective questions, group breakouts, lectures, videos and ‘live’ demonstrations, Gallwey’s presentation captivated the group. Any organization that is serious about enhancing its levels of people development would be well advised to consider a session with Tim Gallwey.”

Seth SilverManager of Organizational Development, XEROX Corporation

Since his first book The Inner Game Of Tennis I have been fascinated and personally have benefited from the incredible empowerment of Tim Gallwey’s insights into his analysis of Self 1 and Self 2. This study of work is a liberating analogy and inspires us to relax and Trust in our True Self.

Stephen CoveyAuthor of the seven habits of highly effective people

The special and careful way Tim Gallwey writes about his experiences with business over 40 years makes him an even more special person and inspires everyone.

João Luis PaqualDirector of ICF - Brazil and former Executive at companies such as Atento, ABN Amro and Unibanco

The Inner Game is powerful. Revolutionizes the way to lead teams: it teaches each one to release his deepest energies, allowing positive and surprising achievements

Jacques MétadierDirector of HR development and the Académie Accor Latin America

“The Inner Game of Tennis is the best book ever written on playing the violin”

Itzhak PerlmanIsraeli-American violinist

I met the inner game of tennis when I was a college student, and I soon realized the clear benefits of the teachings of Gallwey … whether in the preparation of a simple friendly match or for the final of a championship, these principles are the basic foundation of our program.

Pete CarrollAmerican football coach

I read and relied on Tim Gallwey’s Inner Game Of Tennis for nearly four decades. Essentially it tries to fill the gap between an individual’s potential and performance … Today, I read to remember not thinking, just doing, whenever necessary and in any situation.

Atul GawandeDoctor and Teacher Of Harvard

“Tim Gallwey is one of the great teachers of our time.

Many years ago, I watched Tim “teaching” a woman to play tennis for the first time. Though she had difficulty touching the ball with her racket initially, within twenty minutes, she was carrying on sustained rallies with Gallwey, like someone who had played tennis for years. It was the most stunning example of tapping intrinsic capacity to learn I had ever seen.

Tim’s gift lies in his deep appreciation of the power of true, i.e. non-judgmental observation and how to invoke it. His aspiration is the realization of genuine potential not miracles, but the gap between that potential and our current performance is often so great that the results are nothing short of miraculous.”

Peter M. SengeAuthor of The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization.